The stunning transformation of Colleen Ballinger

When Colleen Ballinger first introduced YouTube audiences to her overconfident, self-absorbed singing character, Miranda Sings, in , she had no idea the character would blossom into a full-time career enveloped by book deals, comedy tours, a Netflix series, major brand endorsements, and more. The classically trained singer and self-proclaimed theater geek has built an online empire over the course of 10 years, and has garnered more than 20 million subscribers between all three of her YouTube channels — Colleen Ballinger , Colleen Vlogs , and Miranda Sings — combined. On her unorthodox career path, Ballinger told Vulture in a interview, ” I didn’t put videos online with the intention of, ‘This is gonna be my career. I’m gonna be a YouTuber. Now it’s insane. And I don’t need to ask anyone’s permission I do it all on my own.

Why Did Colleen Divorce Josh

Joshua David Evans had the brains to start a YouTube-based talk show, the comedic chops to make it sizzle and the subscriber base to make it work. Now two episodes into the the talk show he started three months ago, paying for it all out of his own pocket, Joshua and the rest of us have seen the quality rise up and the potential for the show expand. In short: what he and his staff are doing seem to be working well.

Colleen Ballinger & Joshua Evans Pre Wedding Sunset Cruise Colleen Ballinger broke up with Joshua Evans, Know her current affairs and dating rumors. Miranda Sings Divorce Video: Colleen Ballinger and Husband Josh Evans Split.

Fans were absolutely stunned and devastated when Colleen Ballinger , famous for her character Miranda Sings, announced she was splitting from her partner of over nine years, Joshua Evans in late But the year-old turned their frowns upside down in June when she revealed that not only did she have a new man, but that she was engaged and expecting her first child with Erik Stocklin! Read on to find out more about the man who Colleen is dating. Travel budz middleseatlife mirandasingstour.

While fans had seen plenty of year-old Erik on Instagram, they didn’t realize that Colleen was dating him until she did a video re-creating fan fiction with her “boyfriend. This a wild one. Erik may not be a YouTube personality, but he has serious acting chops. He rose to fame with recurring roles in First Day, Mistresses, and Stalker. But Miranda’s fans got to know him in her hit Netflix show Haters Back Off, where he plays Miranda’s best-friend-turned-love-interest Patrick.

Interestingly, the Haters Back Off storyline isn’t too far from hers when it comes to their relationship.

‘Miranda Sings’ YouTuber Colleen Ballinger announces divorce in raw video

In another sign that social media is not always what it seems, a married couple favoured among the YouTube community have announced their divorce. The couple have a combined following of 13 million. Evans has almost 1. An minute video of their nuptials has been watched over 11 million times. In an emotional video uploaded on Friday, Ballinger announced her personal news on her channel Psycho Soprano.

She explained that despite the video of wedding vows and the impression they gave of their seemingly perfect relationship, a lot went on behind the scenes which their fans were not aware of.

Josh also released an emotional video. “I want to start off by saying Joshua is a wonderful man and I am so in love with him. This has nothing to.

But unlike the fiercely private Brangelina or long-timers Naomi Watts and Liev Scheiber, the digital influencer shared the news Friday with fans in a raw, emotional video on her personal channel PsychoSoprano after a year of marriage. In it, a teary-eyed Ballinger explains that there were a lot of “hard parts of the relationship” that she and Evans chose not to share with fans.

We’ve always butted heads. We’ve always fought, ever since we met really. It’s never been a perfect relationship. The duo tied the knot a little over a year ago, in a ceremony attended by some YouTubers such as GloZell Green. The couple frequently documented their relationship on the web, including pictures of their wedding. But we chose not to share with you the hard parts of the relationship and there were a lot of hard parts,” Ballinger tells fans. I want Joshua to be happy and I can’t make him happy.

Thank you. She also asked fans to not send hate toward Evans because “he’s hurting and this is really really painful.

A YouTube Star Is All In, Professionally and Personally

On Sept. Released on a weekend when the divorce battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was playing out in classic Hollywood fashion, with the stars out of sight while proxies leaked competing stories, Ms. PsychoSoprano, with 4.

devastated when Colleen Ballinger, famous for her character Miranda Sings, from her partner of over nine years, Joshua Evans in late

A growing number of YouTube personalities are starring in their own homemade reality shows, putting their love lives on full display for the world to see. Actress and comedienne Colleen Ballinger is a hugely successful YouTuber, appearing sometimes as her wacky alter ego Miranda Sings and other times as herself.

The couple have video blogged, or vlogged, their relationship from the very first date. The vast majority of their audience, according to Evans, is between the ages of 13 to Evans and Ballinger are by no means the only YouTube personalities who share their personal life with their viewers. Anthony Padilla from the hit channel Smosh just broke off his relationship with another popular YouTuber, Kalel Kitten, which they explained in a YouTube video. Some take it a step further, putting their whole family into the mix.

Britney and Austin Null, 25, known on YouTube as the Nive Nulls, have been vlogging for nearly five years, including through the birth of their two children. Vlogging is a full-time job for them, but the Nulls get to be with their children full time and make a pretty good living. We have merchandise. Shows Good Morning America.

Colleen Ballinger, AKA Miranda Sings, and Joshua Evans Are Getting Divorced

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Colleen Mae Ballinger (born November 21, ) is an American YouTuber, comedian, actress, singer, writer and Broadway performer. She is best known for her Internet character Miranda Sings, posting videos of Ballinger appeared as a guest star, as Miranda, speed dating unsuspecting men on the YouTube.

Miranda Sings is pregnant and engaged and no, we aren’t kidding! Colleen Ballinger, the funny woman behind YouTube persona Miranda Sings, made the pregnancy announcement in a video posted Friday June In the clip, the year-old actress revealed she and her boyfriend, actor Erik Stocklin, with whom she’s expecting her first child, were also engaged. The video, titled I’m Pregnant, begins with the comedian learning the results of a pregnancy test presumably on April 24, as dated at the beginning of the video , to which a teary-eyed Ballinger discovers she is, indeed, with child.

Like, I have a baby! The Haters Back Off star went on to speak on her friendship with Stocklin, a decidedly private person, and how their relationship flourished into something more. This is what we want, this is what we need. It just is a perfect fit. After several years of dating, Ballinger divorced her then-husband Josh Evans in September

YouTuber Miranda Sings admits she is divorcing husband Joshua Evans

Colleen Ballinger uses smeared red lipstick, an altered voice and incredibly inept singing to create the egotistical and boundlessly confident character of Miranda Sings on YouTube. Since first appearing on the site in , Ballinger’s collection of videos has received more than a billion views and earned millions of subscribers. With Miranda, Ballinger also became a best-selling author, toured the globe, appeared on Netflix and received a Teen Choice Award in

broke up with Joshua Evans, Know her current affairs and dating rumors. Miranda Sings Divorce Video: Colleen Ballinger and Husband Josh Evans Split on Young Youtubers, Colleen Miranda, Bonnie Hoellein, Joshua Evans, Cullen​.

Colleen Ballinger, who portrays the hilarious YouTube personality Miranda Sings, posted a new video blog on Friday announcing she and fellow YouTuber Joshua Evans are getting a divorce. Joshua and I are getting a divorce. Man, that sucks to say out loud. In the emotional minute video, Colleen got honest about the reasons why she had to end her relationship with Josh, making it perfectly clear, first, that cheating was not one of them.

He’s a good person and I love him. In the end, the pair just weren’t a good fit anymore, Colleen explained. We’ve always butted heads, we’ve always fought, ever since we met, really,” she said. I’ve realized just how unhappy we both were. I want Joshua to be happy, and I can’t make him happy. This is what I feel needs to happen. Colleen goes on to beg followers to be respectful in this hard time.

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Though neither have been quick to comment publicly on their relationship bar a few vague Instagram posts , the pair have confirmed that they are married and expecting a baby girl together. Jackson’s red carpet appearance with Turner-Smith at the AFI FEST in November marked the first time he walked the red carpet with a ‘significant other’ since his split from actor Diane Kruger , with whom he was in a year relationship and seemed very indifferent to marriage.

We’re both children of divorce, so it’s hard for me to take marriage at face value as the thing that shows you’ve grown up and are committed to another person. Here’s everything we know about Jodie and Joshua’s relationship so far:. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter , the Little Fires Everywhere actor was asked about his most supportive co-star from the hit Amazon Prime show.

Joshua David Evans Discusses New YouTube Talk Show ‘What’s Up Internet’ & Dating Miranda Sings.

Colleen Ballinger should be over the moon right now. But now Ballinger, 29, has opened up in a tearful YouTube video about the decision to divorce husband Josh Evans after just over a year of marriage. In the video — which was posted on Sept. And there were a lot of hard parts of our relationship. I want her, but I truly believe she thinks she is making the right decision right now.

Both Evans and Ballinger say they are going to take a break from YouTube in the wake of the divorce.